Kitāb al-Ghayba > Philosophy and wisdom of Occultation
Hadith #5

فإذا قلتم: نتكلم أولا في إثبات حكمته فإذا ثبت بدليل منفصل ثم وجدنا هذه الأفعال المشتبهة الظاهر حملناها على ما يطابق ذلك فلا يؤدي إلى نقض ما علمنا ومتى لم يسلموا لنا حكمته انتقلت المسألة إلى الكلام في حكمته.

If you say: “We first inquire into Divine wisdom and once it is proved through independent proofs, we interpret the acts that are hard to explain on the basis of His wisdom, which has already been proved. Therefore, it does not lead to any contradiction of what we already know. And if the atheists do not accept His wisdom, the discussion will transfer to proving Divine wisdom that has already been proved through independent arguments.”