Kitāb al-Ghayba > Philosophy and wisdom of Occultation
Hadith #4

قلنا: إن لزمنا ذلك لزم جميع أهل العدل قول الملحدة إذا قالوا إنا نتوصل بهذه الأفعال التي ليست بظاهرة الحكمة إلى أن فاعلها ليس بحكيم،لأنه لو كان حكيما لأمكنكم بيان وجه الحكمة فيها وإلا فما الفصل.

We would reply: If it is fair to infer this conclusion from our position, the atheist view must proceed from the position of all the followers of justice that Divine acts, which are seemingly devoid of aspect of wisdom, lead to the conclusion that their doer is not wise, because the atheist says, “If He were wise, you would have been able to explain the aspect of wisdom in His actions.” Otherwise, what is the difference between our assertion and the assertion of followers of justice?