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Hadith to report:

30-50 Abdul Wahid Muhammad ibn Ubdoos al-Neishaboori al-Attar - may God be pleased with him - narrated that Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Qutayba, on the authority of Al-Fadhl ibn Shathan that he had heard Al-Ridha (s) say, “When they took the decapitated head of Al-Hussein ibn Ali (s) to Sham , Yazid - may God damn him - ordered that it be put somewhere and the tablecloth be spread. He - may God damn him - and his companions started to eat and drink beer. When they finished eating, he ordered that they put the head in a tub in front of his couch and place the chess board over the tub. Yazid - may God damn him - started playing chess with his companions while he was swearing at Al-Hussein (s), his forefathers and grandfather (s) and making fun of them. Whenever he won the game, he drank three mugs of beer. Then he poured down the little bit of leftover beer on the ground right next to the tub in which Al-Hussein’s (s) head was placed. The Honorable the Exalted God will eliminate the sins of whoever sees beer or a chess board and remembers Al-Hussein (s), and damns Yazid and the Aal Ziyad, even if the number of his sins are as many as there are stars in the sky.”