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Hadith to report:

30-44 Al-Hakim Abu Muhammad Ja’far ibn Na’eem ibn Shathan narrated that his uncle Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Shathan quoted on the authority of Fadhl ibn Shathan, on the authority of Muhammad ibn Isma’il ibn Bazee’, “I asked Al-Ridha (s) about the proper place to say the ‘Qunut in the ‘Al-Fajr and ‘Al-Watr prayers. He (s) replied, ‘Before bowing down.’ I asked him (s) about beer. He (s) expressed his utmost hatred and dislike of it. I asked him (s) about the decree on wearing clothes with designs while praying. He admonished against wearing clothes with portraits on them. I asked Al-Ridha (s) about the case of an immature girl who was married off to a man by her father, and the father had died before she reached the age of maturity with no intercourse having taken place yet. I asked whether this marriage is still in effect or the girl can reject it. I asked if she does not reject it, does the act of the father in marrying her off suffice or not? The Imam (s) said, “The marrying off of the girl by her father suffices.” The Imam (s) also said, “Abu Ja’far (al-Baqir) (s) said, ‘Nothing will void your ablutions except when something comes out of either of the two exits which God has placed in you.’ I asked the Imam (s) whether we should shorten our prayers in Medina and Mecca. He (s) replied, ‘If you do not decide to stay there for ten days, the prayers should be shortened.’ I asked him whether women should cover themselves in the presence of the eunuchs. He (s) said, ‘They came into the presence of Musa ibn Ja’far’s (s) daughters and the girls did not cover themselves up.’ I asked him (s) whether a maiden who has delivered a child from her master can be without a veil in the presence of unfamiliar men. The Imam (s) said, ‘She must put on a veil.’ I asked him (s) about using silver and gold dishes. He (s) admonished against that. I told him (s), ‘One of the companions said that Musa ibn Ja’far (s) had a mirror whose case was made of silver.’ The Imam (s) said, ‘No. Praise be to God. Its frame was made of silver and I have it now.’ The Imam (s) added, ‘When they circumcised his brother Al-Abbas, a cane or a toy which was coated with ten Dirhams was made for him. Musa ibn Ja’far (s) ordered that it bebroken.’ I asked the Imam (s) about a maiden who has been kissed by her owner. I asked if it is possible that the maiden be permitted for the son of the owner (to marry to). The Imam (s) asked, ‘Did the owner kiss her out of lust?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ Then the Imam (s) said, ‘If he kissed her out of lust, then he has gone all the way and has left nothing.’ The Imam (s) then added without me asking anything, ‘If he has undressed the maiden and looked at her out of lust, then she will be forbidden for both his father and his son.’ I asked, ‘If he looks at all her body?’ The Imam (s) said, ‘Just as he looks at her private parts.’And the Imam (s) was asked about the decree on a young female slave. The Imam (s) said, ‘If he first undresses her naked and looks at her with lust, then she will become forbidden (to marry with) both that man’s father and son.’ I asked, ‘Is that the case if he looks at her body?’ The Imam (s) said, ‘If he looks at her private parts.’ And the Imam (s) was asked about the decree concerning a young female slave who has not yet reached the age of puberty. Does a man have to maintain her for the waiting period? The Imam (s) said, ‘If she has not reached puberty, he must maintain her for one month (to see if she is pregnant or not).’ I asked, ‘Even if the girl is nearly seven years old or a bit older, but she cannot become pregnant?’ The Imam (s) said, ‘She is too young and it is not necessary for him to maintain her for the waiting period (before she is sold off or married off to someone else).’ I asked, ‘What if she is between that age and nine years old?’ The Imam (s) said, ‘Yes. That holds until she is nine years old.’I asked the Imam (s) about the case of a woman who has been drunk and has married a man while she has been drunk. When she regains her consciousness and denies her marriage, and then thinks that the marriage is fine and submits herself to the man. Is this marriage right or is it corrupt since she has married him while she was drunk and the man has no right over her? The Imam (s) said, ‘If she stays with him after regaining her consciousness, then that is a proof that she is pleased with the marriage.’ I asked, ‘Is this marriage suitable for her or not?’ The Imam (s) said, ‘Yes, it is.’I asked the Imam (s) about a maiden owned by two brothers. If both brothers free her, and she is a virgin who has a brother, can any of the two brothers marry her without seeking the permission of her brother? Orshould the marriage take place with the knowledge and consent of her brother? The Imam (s) said, ‘Any one of them can marry her without her brother’s consent.’ I asked, ‘Then he can marry her if he wishes to.’ The Imam (s) said, ‘Yes.’ Then the Imam (s) told me, ‘Have an optimistic viewpoint about God. The Honorable the Exalted God said, ‘I am with My servant’s opinion (I can tell what he thinks). If he is optimistic about Me, then I wish him well and will make his ending a good one. But if he is pessimistic about Me, then I will treat him accordingly.’’The Imam (s) said the following regarding the Immaculate Imams (s), ‘They are the honest knowledgeable ones who have taken their knowledge from God and have learnt it from God’s angels.’ I wrote a letter to the Imam (s) in which I asked, ‘Some people have different views on the permissibility of a tiny kind of fish called ‘Al-Rabaysa. What do you order me to do in that regard.’ The Imam (s) wrote back, ‘Do not worry. It is allowed.’”