Kitāb al-Ghayba > Philosophy and wisdom of Occultation
Hadith #22

قلنا: ما كان على آبائه عليهم السلام خوف من أعدائهم مع لزوم التقية والعدول عن التظاهر بالإمامة ونفيها عن نفوسهم، وإمام الزمان عليه السلام كل الخوف عليه لأنه يظهر بالسيف ويدعو إلى نفسه ويجاهد من خالفه عليه فأي نسبة بين خوفه من الأعداء وخوف آبائه عليهم السلام لو لا قلة التأمل. على أن آباءه عليهم السلام متى قتلوا أو ماتوا كان هناك من يقوم مقامهم ويسد مسدهم يصلح للإمامة من أولاده وصاحب الأمر عليه السلام بالعكس من ذلك،لأن من المعلوم أنه لا يقوم أحد مقامه ولا يسد مسده فبان الفرق بين الأمرين.

We would reply: Fear from their enemies did not threaten his holy forefathers (a.s), as they adhered to dissimulation (Taqayyah) and ostensibly retracted from the claim of Imamate and denied it from themselves, whereas, the Imam of the Age faces every fear, because he is the one to rise with the sword and raise the call for his leadership and fight his adversaries. Where is the similarity between his fear from his enemies and the fear of his forefathers, if there is no scarcity of reflection? Moreover, when anyone of his forefathers (a.s) was murdered or died, there was someone qualified for Imamate from their progeny to replace him and fill his position, whereas the case of the Master of the Age is diametrically opposite to this, since it is well-known that no one is to succeed him and take his position. Therefore, the difference between the two instances is clear.