Author: Shaykh Muḥammad b. Muḥammad al-Mufīd (d. 413 AH)
Translator: Mulla Asgharali M M Jaffer

The First Assembly

1. Registering Good Deeds

2. Condition for the Acceptance of Acts of Devotion.

3. Al-Harith Al-Hamadani and ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (as)

4. Four Habits from the treasures of Virtue

5. Helping a needy Mu’min

6. The Place of ‘Ali (as)

7. Dying with the love of ‘Ali (as)

8. The most beloved steps by a Mu’min

9. Witnessing Hearts

10. Reconciliation among people

11. Provision from unexpected quarters

12. On being mindful - not conceited

The Second Assembly

1. Love of Ahlul Bayt leads to Paradise

2. The System of Islam

3. Adam, Noah, Ibrahim & ‘Ali (as)

4. Mu’awiya’s Discussion on Imamah and Khilafa with Abdullah ibn Abbas

5. Words of Wisdom from Ibn Hanafiyya

6. On Ahlul Bayt (as)

7. Nine Testify to the Wilayah of ‘Ali (as)

8. Master Herein, Master Hereafter

9. Supplicate Constantly

Third Assembly

1. Adopting Ignorant Leaders

2. Five Prostrations for glad tidings

3. Abu Hanifa acknowledges al-Sadiq’s authority

4. When the Angel came to greet ‘Ali (as)

5. The Prophet’s (SAW) inheritance: Knowledge of the unseen

6. Refraining from fault finding

7. When sins multiply

8. Events after the battle of Jamal

9. "Never confirm the tradition of Ghadeer-e-khumm" said Abu Hanifa

10. The Inner self

Fourth Assembly

1. The status of the seeker

2. A deed performed with taqwa

3. Three groups within the Ummah

4. Saints & Nobles

5. The final Rites for our Prophet (SAW)

6. Asserting ones creed (and about Zaid ibn ‘Ali)

7. Helping Ahlul Bayt with one’s tongue

8. Love Ahlul Bayt with your heart and help with your hand & tongue

9. Spare your speech

Fifth Assembly

1. Illness purifies a person of his sins

2. The Prophet (SAW) on his successor

3. The calamity of denying the pen to the Prophet (SAW)

4. Some companions who reneged

5. Some companions who will never see the Prophet (SAW) again

6. Allah tests His servants

7. Imam Husayn (as) as an ideal

8. Fatimah’s (as) elegy on Fadak

9. On constraint and indulgence

10. Traditions from a truthful source

11. Acting without understanding

Sixth Assembly

1. Similitude of the transitory

2. Adhering to the Ahlul Bayt

3. Two types of manly virtues

4. The master of Arabs

5. Mahdi (as) will rise after a time of trials & tribulations

6. The Prophet’s (SAW) last assembly

7. Ibn Abbas’s address on Khilafah

8. The two who will be in deep anxiety

9. "I have not known of an assembly of people worse than you...." said Fatimah (as)

10. "Keep my cheek on the ground..." the last words of Umar

11. Earning the promised blessing one has not seen

12. About the people who apply analogy

13. Cursed are those who follow analogy

14. Traits of a religion person

15. "There is no way, other than my way..." said the Prophet (SAW)

16. Alms given early morning...

Seventh Assembly

1. Cleanse and purify your heart before you ask Him

2. The four of ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) virtues

3. ‘Ali (as) forbade initiating the battle

4. We do not say except that which our Lord, Most High, has said

5. Die in the state of Taharat and you will die a martyr

6. ‘Ali is my brother, my minister and my successor

7. What Jabir said about ‘Ali (as)

8. Umar’s comments about the Prophet’s companions

9. "My brothers are those who believe in me without ever having seen me" said the Prophet (SAW)

10. Seek refuge from Allah against the evil of the people of Al-Thatt

11. Allah helps according to the measure of our intentions

12. Knowledge precedes ignorance

13. Those nearest to the Prophet on the Day of Reckoning

Eighth Assembly

1. Benevolence & Tyranny

2. Weeping for ones sins

3. Good deeds blot out evil ones

4. Obedience to the Imam

5. Uthman and Banu Umayya

6. The lonely martyr

7. Talha and al-Zubair

8. The first to enter Paradise

9. Surprise at the heedless

10. Dying the death of an infidel

11. Befriending for the sake of Allah

Ninth Assembly

1. The four virtues of the people of Paradise

2. The Prophet commanded to reveal virtues of ‘Ali (as)

3. The Prophet’s prayers for his descendants

4. The Assasination of Malik al-Ashtar

5. Imamat, a continued covenant

6. A recitation to open the eight gates of Paradise

Tenth Assembly

1. Allah reveals to Musa

2. Who are those devotees?

3. ‘Ali’s faith and descent

4. The most important duty Allah has imposed

5. The Prophet seeks forgiveness for all Shi’ahs

6. "O, Allah! I love ‘Ali, so you also love him"

7. They dispute Prophethood and give away Caliphte!

8. What al-Khidr said to ‘Ali (as)

Eleventh Assembly

1. "Today, it is deed and no account; tomorrow, it will be account and no deeds."

2. Allah does for His servants that which is best

3. The sun returned for ‘Ali (as)

4. The pleasure and displeasure of Fatimah (SA)

5. Fatimah (SA) after the khilafat of Abu Bakr

6. Ahlul Bayt, the key to all wisdom

7. Shaddad ibn Aws and Mu’awiyah

8. Evil consequences of three traits one will see before death

Twelfth Assembly

1. The best act is faith unblemished by doubt

2. Submiting to those possessing worldly authority

3. ‘Ali (as) explains his stand at Jamal

4. ‘Ali (as) mourns the Prophet (SAW)

5. What Sham’oon, the successor of Isa said to ‘Ali (as)

6. ‘Ali (as) is al-Sadiq al-Akbar among us

7. On Free Will and Divine Intervention

8. "Who deserves to be sorry about it?"

9. O ‘Ali . . . your enemies are the army of Satan

10. An admonisher from your inner self

Thirteenth Assembly

1. "I fear for my Ummah about three things. . ."

2. On Ramadhan

3. Beware of the company of the sinners

4. "How is that you are prone to disobedience after I have gone?"

5. "O ‘Ali! You are the master. . . "

6. ‘Ali (as)’s soul was the first to greet the Prophet (SAW)

7. Miqdad and Uthman

8. Allah will not accept acts of worship from one who has no love for the authority of Ahlul Bayt

9. Allah protects the righteous

10. On the day when repentance will not benefit

Fourteenth Assembly

1. Earning an answered supplication

2. A fool is best punished when totally ignored

3. ‘Ali (as) admonishes Hasan al-Basri

4. ‘Ali (as) predicts the days to come

5. Abu Dharr’s plain talk

6. The revelation descended in our homes and from us the knowledge reached the people. . .

7. Verses by a housemaid, depicting the transitory world

Fifteenth Assembly

1. The Prophet’s contentment

2. Love for four companions; which ones?

3. Uthman argues with Ayesha

4. Whoever hates the Ahlul Bayt, Allah shall resurrect him as a follower of Judaism

5. ‘Ali (as) address people of Kufa

6. Fatimah(as) on the Day of Judgement

7. Be like a honeybee among the birds

8. O, he who asks about the people bygone, Is there no lesson for you in what you see?

Sixteenth Assembly

1. Blessed are those who are detached from this world . . inclined to the next one

2. Ascetic habits of ‘Ali (as)

3. The last sermon of the Prophet (SAW)

4. Salman’s young friend overawed with the fear of divine chastisement

5. Establish prayers on time

6. Allah hates a person who is unsteady and fickle

7. Doing a good turn to a fool

Seventeenth Assembly

1. Fear of Allah . . . a great security

2. What Salman said about ‘Ali (as)

3. People who performed four things and missed the fifth

4. Acts and deeds shall not benefit except when coupled with wilayah

5. Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (as) at the Prophet’s grave

6. Isa ibn Abdillah is from us - Ahlul Bayt

7. The poor shall enter the Paradise first

8. Do not pry on the faults of the believers and do not revile the Muslims

9. Acceptance of wilayah given by the people of Kufa

10. And when death arrives, it does not leave for the Adam’s son, any extras or surplus

Eighteenth Assembly

1. Believer’s tears in the fear of Allah

2. Before the advent of Hujjat (as)

3. Whoever doubts the excellence of ‘Ali (as)

4. The tradition of Ayyub

5. The one who stood on a clear sign from His Sustainer and his witness from Him

6. ‘Ali (as) mobilizing his army for Jihad

7. Pray with all your heart and mind. . .

8. Believers are all brothers

Nineteenth Assembly

1. The two most firm bonds of faith

2. Man is with him who he loves

3. "Ask me before you miss me. . ." ‘Ali (as)

4. Disassociating in the matter of the wilayah of Ahlul Bayt

5. "While I was worthiest of them all . . ." ‘Ali (as)

6. ‘Ali’s address as Ayesha prepares for Basrah

7. Admonition from Ibliss

8. No good is too much, no evil too little

9. When Allah wishes His servant well

Twentieth Assembly

1. Do not transgress Divine limits

2. Let no hopes or ambitions digress you

3. The Prophet’s address on the day of Arafah

4. Abu Dharr . . . the fearless

5. Quickest evil consequences

6. The prayer of ‘Ali (as)

Twenty first Assembly

1. Complete Islam

2. Avoid being vulgar

3. Jabir asked the Prophet about his successor

4. Those who love the Prophet and his progeny

5. Miqdad and Abdurahman ibn Awf

6. The secret of Mu’awiyah

7. Expiation for Ghibah

Twenty Second Assembly

1. Seek provision from halaal

2. When prayers are not blessed

3. ‘Ali in the night of Prophet’s Mi’raj

4. Ten traits of ‘Ali (as)

5. Weeping for the sufferings of Ahlul Bayt

6. ‘Ali (as) refuses to grant undue preference

7. Never humiliate . . .

8. Al-Sadiq (as) explains Mu’min’s experience after death

9. Prayers to soothe pains

Twenty Third Assembly

1. Abu Dharr’s words of wisdom

2. The Best Virtues

3. Avoid being deluded

4. Fulfil your duties

5. Remain Truthful

6. Value of Time

7. Enjoy good and forbid evil

8. Beware of Allah’s dominance

9. The most worshipful servant

10. Living with the believers and non-believers

11. Be kind to people

12. People are for people!

13. Convey the knowledge of fiqh

14. The best guidance is that of Muhammad (SAW)

15. Four admonitions

16. Prayers are the pillars of faith

17. Imam al-Sadiq (as) explains Abu Dharr’s admonition

18. Cover your utensils. . .

19. The good and the bad traditions

20. Kindness to father

21. The descent of Jibraeel at unusual hour

22. Virtues of a Shi’ah

23. The meaning of remembering Allah

24. No act with taqwa is small

25. Al-Sadiq (as) exhorts Taqwa

26. Good deeds prepare for the doers. . .

27. Between fear and hope

28. The verse of Qur’an interpreted

29. The Prophet (SAW) inspects our deeds

30. ‘Ali (as) on the pious companions of the Prophet

31. ‘Ali (as) and the traders of Kufa

32. ‘Ali (as)’s admonition after Isha

33. Imam Sajjad’s book on asceticism

34. Entrust your affairs to Allah

35. When the deeds become heartbreaking anguish

36. Hasten to do good

37. Do not delay doing good

38. ‘Ali (as) guides to true reform of oneself

39. Allah’s Will and His Power

40. ‘Ali (as) refused to corrupt himself

41. Base desires and long hopes. . .

42. ‘Ali (as)’s admonition

43. What Isa (as) told his disciples

44. Avoid fame

45. Be ready to forgive

46. When Allah spoke to Musa (as)

47. The meaning of "Imma’ah. . ."

Twenty Fourth Assembly

1. The Prophet (SAW) reminds of the Day of Judgement

2. The Prophet (SAW) spoke to Ummul Fadhl

3. Only one sect on the right path

4. In praise of ‘Ali (as)

5. If Salman and Abu Dharr fully divulged the secret

6. Man knows best of himself

Twenty Fifth Assembly

1. Abu Dharr’s admonition

2. Muhammad (SAW) . . . the chosen one

3. Sanctity of a believing soul

4. The pillars of faith

5. Mughairah and Ammar

6. Intercession by Muhammad (SAW) and his progeny

7. Do not waste your time idly

Twenty Sixth Assembly

1. Imam ‘Ali (as)’s Testament

2. Abu Layla seeks clarification from ‘Ali (as)

3. Nabighah al-Ja’diy

4. Virtue and nobility

5. Six great virtues

6. The conclusive authority of Allah

Twenty Seventh Assembly

1. Dua at dawn and dusk

2. Dua to avert poverty

3. The excellence of the month of Ramadhan

4. The love of Ahlul Bayt

5. ‘Ali (as) condemns varity and snobbery

6. Ibn Abbas speaks about ‘Ali (as)

7. Draw lesson from the departed ones

Twenty Eighth Assembly

1. Three Great Sins

2. Humility of al-Najashi

3. The Dua invoked by Imam Zainul Abedeen (as)

4. A humbling- both ways

5. A Tree of Faith

Twenty Ninth Assembly

1. Praising Allah

2. How Surah ’Al-Kafirun’ was revealed

3. What ‘Ali (as) said to Kumail

4. Islam begins and ends with the Prophet and Ahlul Bayt

5. Al-Mazni’s verse on patience

Thirtieth Assembly

1. Love each other for Allah

2. Hatred of Ahlul Bayt leads to hell

3. To obey Ahlul Bayt is to obey Allah

4. Imam Al-Ridha on Tawheed

5. Verses by Al-Mamoon

Thirty First Assembly

1. Blessings from Allah are a gift

2. ’Fatimah (as) is part of me’

3. ‘Ali (as) writes to people of Kufa

4. Never gloat over misfortunes of others

Thirty Second Assembly

1. Piety

2. Safiyyah’s question to the Prophet (SAW)

3. The Four Riders on the Day of Qiyamah

4. Prayers in times of need

5. A Hyprocrite

Thirty Third Assembly

1. Rely on Allah alone

2. The meaning of Iman

3. The meaning of Islam, Iman and its pillars

4. Acts which attract quick reward

5. Prophet’s declaration about ‘Ali at Qudaid

6. How Abdul Malik ibn Marwan was rebuked

7. Lamentation by ‘Ali at Fatimah’s graveside

8. Death wipes off the sins

9. Your brother is your responsibility

Thirty Fourth Assembly

1. Deeds coupled with Taqwa

2. Sign on certitude

3. The status of ‘Ali on the Day of Qiyamah

4. Ibn Abbas on Khilafah

5. ‘Ali, the best judge

6. The effect of parents’ displeasure

7. Predictions by the Prophet

8. Shi’ahs of ‘Ali are saved

9. The best and the worst among people

Thirty Fifth Assembly

1. Allah’s decisive argument

2. Luqman’s advice to his son

3. ‘Ali’s hand of Justice

4. Love for ‘Ali . . . an Obligation

5. The meaning of ’Al-Kawthar’

6. ‘Ali at Qudaid

7. Shi’ahs, the foremost to enter Heavens

8. Forgiving, Merciful Allah

9. Four characteristics

10. Verses at Multan

11. Imam Al-Baqir’s advice to his sons

Thirty Sixth Assembly

1. Month of Ramadhan and the Night of Qadr

2. Trials begin with Imams and then with Shi’ahs

3. The Prophet prayer for rain

4. Ubaidullah ibn Abbas and Mu’awiyah

5. The true successors on earth

6. The Chosen ones

7. Those three have no religion

8. If one knew of his appointed hour

Thirty Seventh Assembly

1. Always remember Allah

2. Three Major Sins

3. People will be called by their mother’s names

4. The fate of those who disown Ahlul Bayt

5. The event of advancing Abraha

6. Things which corrupt

7. Give time to those in hardship

8. A brother in the name of Allah

Thirty Eighth Assembly

1. Three important obligations

2. The most helpless man

3. The Prophet prayed for ‘Ali (as) at Khaybar

4. Purity of Ahlul Bayt

5. Asma Bint Aqil laments Al-Husayn

6. Ummu Salemah and Martyrdom of Al-Husayn

7. The Jinns and Al-Husayn

8. Zainab bint ‘Ali’s address at Kufa

9. The first elegy on Al-Husayn

10. The famous poem by De’bal

11. The Prophet’s relation continues

12. ‘Ali (as) divides people of the Paradise and of Hell

13. Benefit of meeting others

Thirty Ninth Assembly

1. Hope from none but Allah

2. Admonitions by Ibn Al-Abbas

3. The inmates of the Prophet’s household

4. The virtues of Shi’ahs

5. ‘Ali (as) predicts his victory at the Battle of Basrah

6. The excellence of Al-Sadiq

7. Words of Wisdom on Knowledge

Fortieth Assembly

1. Admonition from ‘Ali ibn Al-Husayn

2. Defend your brother’s name

3. Sympathy for Ahlul Bayt

4. ‘Ali (as) praises his partisans

5. ‘Ali (as) exposes the hypocrite tribes

6. Weeping over Al-Husayn

7. The status of Quss ibn Sa’edah

8. Refrain from Jealousy

Forty First Assembly

1. Do not have long hopes

2. What the Prophet said about ‘Ali

3. A letter from Ibn Hanafiyyah to Ibn Abbas

4. Imam Hasan’s address

5. Control your temptations

Forty Second Assembly

1. The most God-fearing, the richest and the most pious

2. Ahlul Bayt: the most suppressed

3. ‘Ali (as)’s last narration to Asbagh

4. Foundation of Islam

5. Questions about Four Traits

6. Salman introduces ‘Ali

7. Al-Sadiq Narrates Directly

8. Completion of Faith