Author: Shaykh Muḥammad b. ʿAlī al-Ṣaduq (d. 381 AH)
Translator: Dr. Ali Peiravi


1. Introduction

Part 1: On One-Numbered Characteristics

1. God is One and Only

2. Abandoning the Present to Attain the Promised

3. Oppressive Characteristics

4. Characteristics Rooted in Love for Religion

5. One Characteristic for Five Characteristics

6. A Characteristic for a Characteristic

7. A Saving Characteristic

8. The Loftiest Characteristic of the Religion

9. No Two Things Combined which are Better than the Combination of Two Characteristics

10. A Characteristic that is the Honor of This World and the Hereafter

11. The Most Knowledgeable Person Is One who Combines One Characteristic with Another One

12. There Is One True Prosperity And One True Misery

13. A Characteristic for Which the People Deserve to be Rewarded or Punished

14. A Characteristic that Is the Noblest Holy War

15. The Hardest Thing is One Characteristic that Cannot Be Avoided Unless We Abandon Another Characteristic

16. A Believer’s Honor Is in One Characteristic and His Glory Is In Another Characteristic

17. One Characteristic Is the Key to All Evil

18. A Characteristic Due to Justice

19. A Characteristic Due to Which We Are Interested in How Others Judge About Us

20. Seek Nearness to God with One Characteristic

21. God Has Not Tested the Servants with Anything Harder Than One Characteristic

22. A Characteristic that Is the Result of Being Kind

23. A Characteristic that Stabilizes One’s Faith and One that Makes Him Lose His Faith

24. A Characteristic that Destroys a Believer’s Dignity

25. A Good Characteristic Which No Other Characteristic Is Better Than, and a Bad Characteristic That No Other Characteristic Is Worse Than

26. A Characteristic That Guarantees Who Will Not Become Poor

27. The Form of Chivalry of the Members of the Holy Household

28. A Characteristic Due to One’s Chivalry

29. A Characteristic that Is Not Good for a Dignified Man

30. God Loves One Characteristic and Despises One Characteristic

31. One Who has This Characteristic Would Not Be Thankful for Blessings

32. A Characteristic Due to Humbleness

33. A Characteristic that Is Close to Blasphemy and A Characteristic that Might Change Destiny

34. A Characteristic that Destroyed Previous Nations

35. Martyrdom Is Expiation for Every Sin Except for One’s Debt

36. God the Almighty Has Sent Muhammad (MGB) and His Nation a Gift That He Has Not Given to Any Other Nation

37. A Characteristic that One Should Have If He Wants to Increase Goodness in His House

38. God Will Look at Whom He Likes. Once He Looks at Him, He Shall Grant Him One of Three Gifts

39. The Hereafter is the Wedding of the Pious Ones

40. A Characteristic That is Like its Opposite

41. The Most Wicked People Are Those Who Are Respected for Possessing One Characteristic

42. A Characteristic in This World is Abstinence, and a Characteristic That is Gratitude for all Blessings

43. Nothing Deserves to Be Restrained More Than the Tongue

44. Whoever Raises his Aspirations Does Wrong

45. Good Deeds Are Recorded for a Muslim as Long as He Remains Quiet

46. A Characteristic Having Which Will Result in God Saving You From the Fear of the Hereafter

47. The Most Intelligent Characteristic

48. The Most Pious, the Best Worshipping, the Most Ascetic and the Most Hard-Working People

49. Becoming Sorry Is the Same as Repenting

50. Whoever Earns More Than His Meals fom This World

51. A Characteristic That Deserves to Be Willed

52. A Characteristic That Causes One to Be Thrown Out and a Characteristic That Causes One to Be Joined

53. Lofty Characteristics and Bad Characteristics for the People of the World

54. There Is No Honor Except Through One Characteristic. There Is No Nobility Except Through Another Characteristic

55. When God Loves a Servant He Will Make Him Suffer from a Great Calamity

56. A Characteristic That Leads to Hemorrhoids

57. A Hand on Which There Is an Iron Ring Is Not Clean

58. Do Not Respond to Whoever Talks Before He Greets You

59. A Characteristic That if Practiced Implies Despise for Muhammad’s Religion

60. Only One of the Proverbs of the Prophets Has Remained

61. When God Wishes a Servant Well, He Will Expedite His Punishment in This World, and When He Wishes Someone Bad, He Will Procrastinate His Punishment

62. Be Patient with the Enemies of the Blessings

63. The Prophet (MGB) and Ali Ibn Abi Talib Were Created from the Same Root

64. A Characteristic That is Gratitude for All Blessings

65. Religion Is the Same as Love

66. When Two Believers Shake Hands They Shall Depart from Each Other Void of Any Sins

67. A Characteristic That Revives the Hearts

68. A Characteristic That Revives the Affairs of the Almighty God’s Proofs

69. God the Almighty Has Not Created Anything More Delightful Than This Characteristic

70. A Characteristic That Constitutes Nine-Tenths of Religion

71. Whoever is Pleased with His Destiny or is Displeased with it

72. A Characteristic for Which Even Red-Haired Camels Are Not Loved

73. A Characteristic That Increases the Daily Bread

74. A Characteristic That Leads to Hypocrisy and Poverty

75. The First Gift Given to a Believer Due to a Characteristic

76. A Characteristic for Which One Who Has No Good Deeds is Forgiven on the Resurrection Day

77. A Characteristic That is the Root of All Sins

78. How Awkward It Is If a Man Enters Heaven Having Lost His Honor

79. A Characteristic Doing Which Will Cause the Almighty God to Have Mercy Upon You

80. A Characteristic Doing Which Will Cause Increased Good for One’s House

81. On Him Whose Health Has Overcome His Illness but He Treats Himself and Dies

82. A Characteristic Which a Believer Avoids

83. Nothing Ruins Faith as Much as One Characteristic Does

84. One Who Lives to See his Successor Is Prosperous

85. A Believer’s Honor is More Than That of the Ka’ba

86. It Suffices for a Believer to See God’s Aid in the Form of His Enemies Engaged in the Almighty God’s Disobedience

87. A Gift Will Eliminate Animosities

88. Prosperous Be the One Who is Indifferent

89. A Characteristic That Will Make One Poor in the Hereafter

90. A Group of People Who Are the Masters of Heaven

91. God’s Prophet Made His Ablutions One Organ at a Time

92. The Characteristic That Is the Best Goodness

93. The Prophet Put off His Special Prayer for One Characteristic

94. A Characteristic That is the Best Form of Worshipping and a Characteristic That is the Noblest Form of Being Religious

95. What Is A Lot but Its Doers Are A Few

96. A Characteristic That Constitutes Half of the Religion

97. A Characteristic That is the Best Thing Given to a Muslim

98. The Prophet and Ali Ibn Abi Talib Were Created from One Light

99. A Servant’s Well-Being Depends Upon the Well-Being of One of His Organs

100. A Man Enters Heaven for One Characteristic

101. One Who Likes Two Characteristics Shall do One Thing

102. God’s Prophet Finished His Prayers with One Greeting

Part 2: On Two-Numbered Characteristics

1. Recognition of God By Two Characteristics

2. On the Prophet’s Saying, “There Are Two Things Which I Do Not Wish to Share with Anyone”

3. Two Strange Things to Put up with

4. Nothing Voids Ablutions Except for What Leaves from the Two Sides

5. Two Blessings Being Denied

6. Two Things Which Cause Trouble for Most People

7. No Worship of God is Better than Being Quiet and Walking to God’s House

8. The Blessed the Sublime God Has Divided the People on the Earth into Two Groups

9. Two Groups in This Nation Whose Improvement Would Improve the Nation and Whose Corruption Would Corrupt the Nation

10. Fear God Regarding Two Weak Ones

11. The reward of whoever takes care of two daughters, Two sisters, two paternal aunts or two maternal aunts

12. Two Men Will Not Sense the Scent of Paradise

13. What Has Been Said About Two-Faced People

14. The People Are in Two Groups: Some Who Get Relieved by Others and Some from Whom Others Get Relieved

15. People Are of Two Types: The Learned and the Seeker of Knowledge

16. Two Characteristics One of Which Will Cause Forgetting Sins and the Other Will Cause Hardening of the Hearts

17. Two Characteristics That Provide Immunity to Leprosy

18. Attend to Two Major Issues

19. The World is Just Two Words and Two Dirhams

20. There is no Good in This World Except for Two Men

21. There are Two Forms of Knowledge

22. Two Strange Characteristics: Eating the Sustenance Provided by God and Ascribing Divinity to Others Than God

23. Enjoining to Do Good and Admonishing Against Evil Are Two of the Creatures of the Exalted the Honorable God

24. The Two Things Which Constituted Most of the Worshipping of Abuzar - May God Have Mercy Upon

25. If a Woman Has Had Two Husbands Which Husband Will She Belong to in Heaven

26. Enemies Who Dispute with Each Other About Their Lord

27. Jawad Has Two Meanings

28. Silver and Gold Money Are Destructive

29. Gold and Silver Are Two Perverting Metals

30. Seek Refuge from Two Characteristics

31. Two Characteristics of the Shiites

32. There are Two Pleasures for One Who Fasts

33. Fasting Is For God

34. What Has Been Said About the Honest vs. the Dishonest Businessmen

35. Two Things Which Provide us with Benefits Every Dawn and Dusk

36. Two Forms of Shopping Are Bad

37. There Are Two Prayers for High Quality Goods and Two Curses for Bad Goods

38. Two Characteristics Granted to Whoever Honors the Rights of God

39. One Who Has Two Characteristics Is Good, Otherwise Stay Away from Him

40. Two Things Can Terminate the Waiting Period of a Divorced Woman Who Has Not Had Her Menstruation in Due Time

41. Seek Nearness to the Honorable the Exalted God with Two Characteristics

42. Two Characteristics Which Eliminate Poverty, Increase Life and Fend off Seventy Harsh Deaths

43. Traditions Are of Two Types

44. Doing Good is Only Valued by Those Who Have Two Characteristics

45. Friends Are of Two Types

46. People Are of Two Types

47. Two Leaders Who Are Not in Power

48. Two Things with Which Some Corrupt Their Prayers

49. No Two Things Are Loved by the Honorable the Exalted God More Than The Following Two

50. Two Characteristics Which Satan Taught Noah (MGB)

51. Two Characteristics of Which People Should be Most Fearful

52. Two Characteristics Which You Are Admonished Against

53. Two Types of Water Which Did Not Heed Noah’s Call

54. Faith Consists of Talking and Action

55. Two Hungry Ones Who Would Never Get Satiated

56. Two Characteristics Due to True Faith

57. There Are Two Types of Chivalry

58. Two Characteristics Which Speed up the Arrival of Your Daily Bread

59. The Subsistence for One’s Spouse is between Two Abominable Limits

60. Two Characteristics in Return for Two Characteristics

61. There Are Two Types of Shyness

62. What Might Cause Parent’s Being Damned by the Children

63. On the Prophet’s Statement: "I am the Son of the Two offerings"

64. And There is Another Tradition Regarding the Great Offering

65. Two Standing, Two Moving, Two Different And Two Opposite Things

66. The Reward of Whoever Goes on the Hajj Pilgrimage Twice

67. Saying What is Right under Two Conditions

68. Two Characteristics Loved by the Honorable the Exalted God in the Heavens and by the People on Earth

69. The Prophet of God Had Two Rings

70. There Are Two Gifts from One Who Fasts

71. There Are Two Signs for the Approach of The Hour

72. It is Not Permitted to Give Charity to the Hashemites Except in Two Conditions

73. Two Characteristics of the Lowly People

74. Two Sins One of Which is Worse Than the Other One

75. The Two Benefits of Brushing the Teeth

76. Eating Soap Has Two Effects

77. Using Two Kinds of Toothpicks Would Lead to Leprosy

78. This World and The Hereafter Are on the Two Sides of a Scale

79. He Has Let Free the Two Bodies of Flowing Water, Meeting Together: Between Them is a Barrier Which They Do Not Transgress

80. The Prophe Left Two Things amongst His Nation

81. Will be Questioned About the ‘Two Heavy Things’ on the Resurrection Day

82. Al-Hassan (MGB) and Al-Hussein (MGB) Had Two Amulets

83. Day and Night are Two Carriages

84. Two Men to Whom God has Granted Two Wings with Which to Fly in Paradise along with the Angels

85. Two Things Ruin the People

86. What the Commander of the Faithful (MGB) Said about Two People Who Broke His Back

87. A Greedy Man is Deprived of Two Characteristics and Has Two Characteristics

88. Two Prayers Which God’s Prophet (MGB) Never Abandoned Saying

89. Two Groups of People Who Have Not Benefited from Islam

90. Animosity Would Bring about Two Sufferings

91. People Get Old, but Two Things Remain Young within Them

92. Two Characteristics Which Cause Two Things

93. The Two Things Which the Children of Adam Dislike

94. The Prophet (MGB) Remained Silent in Two Instances

95. Two Characteristics Which Cannot Co-exist in One’s Heart

96. Jealousy Is Not Proper Except in Two Conditions

97. The Reason For The Twofold Love of The Prophet For Aqil

98. The Prophet (MGB) Was Pleased by Two Things

99. The ProphetGranted Two Thigs to Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein

100. It Is Not Proper For One to Stay Awake After the Night Prayer Except for Two People

101. The Two Main Causes of Going to Hell and the Two Main Causes of Going to Paradise

102. The Honorable the Exalted God Would Not Give His Servants Two Fears And Two Securities

103. Two Things Improve This Nation And Two Destroy It

Part 3: On Three-Numbered Characteristics

1. Three Whom God Will Let into Paradise without Any Reckoning, and Three Whom God Will Throw into Hell without Any Reckoning

2. Three Characteristics Each of Which Would Cause One to be Under the Shade of the Honorable the Exalted God’s Throne

3. Three Groups of People are Closest to the Honorable the Exalted God on the Resurrection Day

4. The Three Conditions Which Imply the Acceptance of One’s Prayers

5. One Is Not a True Believer unless He Has Three Characteristics

6. Three Characteristics Which Do Not Exist in a Believer

7. The Prophet Asked His Lord for Three Things. God Granted Him Two, but Did Not Grant Him the Third

8. Three Things Raise the Ranks, The Three Expiations, The Three Which Destroy, The Three Which Save

9. Three Things for Which God Would Marry off one of the Houri-Eyed Ones to You

10. The Three People Who Would Wrong You If You Do Not Express Your Discontent

11. Three People Would Not Get What is Rightfully Theirs from Three People

12. Three People Who Deserve Mercy

13. Three People with Whom God Is Angry

14. Three Occasions for Lying, Three Occasions Not to Tell the Truth, Three Occasions Not to Associate

15. Three Characteristics for Three Characteristics

16. One Characteristic Results in Three Characteristics

17. The Signs of Getting Old Are Three

18. Three Characteristics Unique to the Prophets, Their Offspring and Their Followers

19. Three Characteristics Which God Hates

20. Three Things the Prophets Are Not Immune to See from Their Followers

21. The Three Roots of Infidelity

22. The Three Forms of Debts

23. You Must Seek Permission to Enter Three Times

24. Three People Not to Greet

25. The Best Three People

26. Three Characteristics Indicate Affluence, Beauty and Defeat of Your Enemies

27. Three Things Are Pleasing to the Eyes

28. Three Good Characteristics

29. Three Wasteful Acts

30. God’s Prophet (MGB) Cursed Three People

31. Ranks in Heaven Which Only Three People Can Attain

32. Three People Are Not Subject to the Rules

33. Three people swore to kill the Prophet, but Ali rose up against them

34. Three Characteristics in Doing Good to One’s Brethren

35. Three Locations Where Defecation is Admonished Against

36. There Are Three Problems in Getting Exposed to the Sun

37. There are Three Signs for One Who is Wasteful

38. All Eyes Will Weep on the Resurrection Day Except Three

39. All Good Is In Three Traits

40. Three People Riding on an Animal is Admonished Against

41. The Right of an Ill-Traveller upon his Travel Companions Is to Stay with him for Three Days

42. Three Bad Attributes for Black Shoes and Three Good for Yellow Ones

43. Learn Three Traits from the Crow

44. Three Things Are the Result of Another Three Things

45. There Is Bad a Omen in Three Things

46. Three Groups Disregard the Warnings Given to Them

47. Whoever Is Granted Three Things Not Deprived of Three

48. Admonished against Consulting with Three People

49. The Intellect Is Divided into Three Parts

50. Adam Chose One of Three Characteristics

51. One’s Intellect Can be Measured by Three Things

52. Our Followers Are in Three Groups

53. Our Followers Will be Tested Under Three Circumstances

54. Whoever Possesses Three Characteristics Has Perfect Faith

55. Three Whom God Shall Not Talk to, Look at, or Purify

56. The Most Horrible Instances for People

57. The Three Partners in Oppression

58. One Who Divulges What Others Say Has Killed Three People

59. Three Places for a Believer and Three for an Infidel

60. The Days of the Honorable the Exalted God’s Are Three

61. Three People Will be Punished on the Resurrection Day

62. Three Characteristics Make You Immune from Haughtiness

63. Three Characteristics Enable Enjoining Good and bidding Evil

64. Three Are Not Pure

65. Having Three Characteristics Is Enough for One to Be Bad

66. Three Reasons for Not Loving the Family of the Prophet

67. The Best Three Deeds in the Opinion of God

68. Fire Shall Speak to Three People on the Resurrection Day

69. Three Back-Breaking Things

70. God Has Honored His Servants with Three Things

71. You Should Only Stay Up Late at Night for Three Causes

72. Were It Not for Three Reasons, Man Would Never Bow Down

73. The Rules of the Religion Are Summarized in Three Things

74. Three Sources of Sedition

75. There Are Three Friends for a Muslim

76. Men Are of Three Kinds

77. No One Deserves to Be a Leader Unless He Has Three Characteristics

78. On Three Hajj Pilgrimage

79. On Whoever Sends Three Believers to the Hajj Pilgrimage

80. There Are Three Signs in Joseph’s Shirt

81. There Are Three Forms of Oppression

82. Three Ways Having Intercourse Becomes Legitimate

83. All the Nation but Three Can Hope to Be Saved

84. The Worst Three Times for Man

85. The Worst Three Deeds of Man Near God

86. A Man Would Not Migrate except for Three Reasons

87. Three Beds

88. The Three Signs

89. Three Situations in Which God Takes Care of One’s Affairs

90. Three Types of People

91. Three Inexcusable Characteristics

92. Three Characteristics One Would Suffer before Death

93. A Muslim is Perfected with Three Characteristics

94. Three Advices the Prophet Gave to Ali

95. Three Occasions in Which One is Prayed for in the Plural

96. What is said to Whoever Sneezes Three Times

97. Three Things God Never Grants A Hypocrite or a Corrupt

98. Three Are God’s Guests and under His Protection

99. The Buyer Has Three Days to Return the Animal He Buys

100. Three things God Has Not Given Anyone any Excuse Not to Do

101. There Would Have Come a Severe Punishment from God Were It Not for the Following Three

102. Three Damned Ones

103. Three Things regarding When Wise Men Write to Each Other

104. Three Characteristics Not of a Believer

105. God has a Paradise into Which Only Three Groups Shall Enter

106. Three Characteristics That Shiites Do Not Have

107. The Hardest Three Things for the Servants to Do

108. Satan’s Saying that the Children of Adam Cannot Defeat Me in at Least Three Situations

109. Three Things That are Really Hard for the People

110. Three Acts to Perfect Good Deeds

111. The Three Hands

112. The Three Donors

113. It Is Not Proper to Beg Unless under One of Three Conditions

114. Three Things with Which God Has Honored the Children of Adam

115. One Would Not Be a Polytheist until He Does One of Three Things

116. This Nation Has Not Been Given Any Less Than Three

117. The Three Worst Afflictions

118. Three Things Not in My Nation

119. The Angels Would Not Enter A House in Which There Are Three Things

120. Three People Are Partners in Enjoining to Do Good and Forbidding to Do Evil

121. Fear Three People Regarding Your Religion

122. Three Questions by a Christian from Ja’far as-Sadiq

123. The Worst Three Things of Which the Earth Complained

124. Three People Whom God Will Not Protect

125. Three Will be Under the Shade of the God’s Throne on the Resurrection Day

126. Three Will Complain to God

127. There Are Three Groups of People Who Recite the Quran

128. There Are Three Groups of Recitors of the Holy Quran

129. You Should Not Travel to Any Except for Three Mosques

130. There Are Three Benefits in Radishes

131. There Is No Harm in Three Things

132. The Prophet Guarantees Three Places of Residence in Paradise for Whoever Abandons Three Characteristics

133. The Commander of the Faithful Was Ordered to Fight Three

134. Three Characteristics without Which You Are Not from God or the Prophet

135. Three Things to Respect for God

136. The Truth of Faith Are in Three Characteristics

137. You are Admonished against Having Three Characteristics

138. The Color Black Is Detestable Except for Three Things

139. Being a Guest is Limited to a Maximum of Three Days

140. Three Things No Muslims Would Ever Doubt

141. The Prophet (MGB) Swears That Three Things Are Just

142. One Would Continue to Be Rewarded for Only Three Things

143. The Three First Fathers

144. The Best Three Things for the Best Three to Wish for

145. The Three Types of Affairs

146. The Three Thieves

147. There Are Three Groups of Angels

148. Three Groups of Jinn and Three Groups of Men

149. You Should Not Stand to Pray behind Three People

150. Three Things Make You Obese and Three Things Make You Thin

151. Three Ways by which All Muslim Decrees Are Put into Effect

152. Three Things along with Three Other Things

153. Three Intercede with God and Their Intercession Accepted

154. The Three in Whose Name the First Lot Was Cast

155. There Are Three Benefits in Quinces

156. There Are Three Characteristics in Onions

157. On Three Traits That Are Signs of the Jurisprudent

158. Blowing at Three Places Is Detestable

159. Anyone Possessing Three Characteristics shall Go to Hell

160. God Will Make Three Things Rule Over Whoever Gains Illegitimate Property

161. Three Sources of Comfort for a Believer

162. A Man’s Prosperity Depends on Three Things

163. Three Whose Prayers Will Not be Answered

164. Fasting for Three Days in the Month Equals Fasting the Whole Year

165. A Believer’s Amusement Is in Three Things

166. Whoever Has Three Characteristics Has the Whole Good

167. The Prophet Hit the Rock with a Pickaxe Three Times and Said ‘God is Great’ Three Times

168. The Three Deeds Most Loved by God

169. The Three Things I Fear the Most for My Nation

170. Whoever Believes in God and the Hereafter Will Not Do Three Things

171. I Am Afraid of Three Characteristics in My Nation

172. The Three Things the Prophet Liked the Most in This World

173. As-Sadiq (MGB) Was Always Busy Doing One of Three Things

174. Al-Ridha’s (MGB) Pilgrims Will Benefit on Three Occasions

175. Deeds Can be Classified into Three Distinct Groups

176. Al-Baqir Enjoined His Son As-Sadiq to Do Three Things and Admonished Him Against Doing Three Things

177. Once the Riser Uprises, He Will Issue Three Decrees Never Issued Before

178. The Prophet Told Salman Farsi That He Has Three Characteristics When He Gets Ill

179. Umar Said He Repents to God for Three Things

180. What Abu Bakr is Sorry About

181. On Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood Saying, “There Are Three Groups of Scholars on the Earth"

182. The Three Who Did Not Deny Revelations Even for the Twinkling of an Eye

183. The Reward of Whoever is Patient with Three Daughters

184. The Three That Will Complain to the Honorable the Exalted God on the Resurrection Day

185. The Pen Has Been Lifted up for Three

186. Stinginess Coupled with Greed Causes Three Bad Characteristics

187. Three Things Makes One a Partner with the Muslims

188. Three of the Forty-Five Parts of Prophethood

189. Faith Consists of Three Things

190. Three Who Will Not Enter Paradise

191. Whoever Three of His Progeny Are Crucified

192. The Reward for Three Things: Making Ablutions, Expressing Greetings Aloud, and Giving Charity in Private

193. The Four Brothers with a Ten Year Age Difference

194. People Were Debased on Three Occasions

195. There Are Three Characteristics in Begging and the Worst of the People Are Three

196. It is Not Allowed for One to Be on No Talking Terms with his Muslim Brother for More Than Three Days

197. Three Forms of Prosperity for a Muslim

198. The Three Truly Sincere Believers

199. The Three Companions of the Mountain

200. The Best Deeds in the Opinion of the Honorable the Exalted God Are Three

201. The People Are in Three Groups

202. The Light that is Divided into Three Parts

203. The Three Reasons Why People Worship God

204. Three Conditions Set by the Commander of the Faithful Ali

205. Three Characteristics of Imam Ali

206. Three Traditions Established Ascribed to Barira - the Freed Maid of Ayesha

207. Three People Ascribed Lies to God’s Prophet (MGB)

208. Three People Are Cursed: the Rider, the Leader and the Driver

209. Three Great Offenses

210. Three Prophetic Traditions Ascribed to Al-Bara’ al-Ansari

211. Three Prophetic Traditions Ascribed to Safvan al-Jahmi

212. Three Groups Seek Knowledge

213. Whoever is Antagonistic with Three Will be Debased

214. People Are Divided into Three Groups When Considering Fate

Part 4: On Four-Numbered Characteristics

1. “I Will Intercede on Their Behalf on the Resurrection Day”

2. The Punishment of Those Who Obey Their Wives in Four Issues

3. Four Whose Prayers Shall Not Be Unanswered

4. Four Issues Strengthen the Religion

5. God Forgives One who Takes It Easy Regarding Four Issues

6. The Four Desirable Things for People in This Ephemeral World

7. Four Chapters of the Holy Quran Made the Prophet’s Hair Grey

8. The Prophet performed the Umra Hajj four times

9. A Divine Leader Can Be Recognized By Four Characteristics

10. Whoever Is Granted Four Things Would Not Get Disappointed with Four Other Things

11. God Would Not Look at Four People on the Resurrection Day

12. The Four who Will Be Riding on the Resurrection Day

13. Four things which the old Israelite lady asked Moses for

14. The Four Best Female Residents of Paradise

15. The Four Back-Breaking Things

16. God took four looks at the world

17. The Prophet (MGB) Told Ali That He Had Seen Ali’s Name Along with His in Four Places

18. Only Four Can Understand the Sayings of the Members of the Holy Household

19. Four things Are Incumbent for Him who Has Three Characteristics

20. The Poems of Satan in Reply to Adam’s Poems

21. God Has Embedded Four Things in Four Other Things

22. Do Not Consider Four Things Bad Since They Have Four Benefits

23. Four characteristics of Imam Ali which no other Arab had

24. Muawiyah’s talk with Ibn Abbas regarding four characteristics he liked and four he disliked

25. There are four types of sin

26. The Reward of Whoever Goes On Hajj Pilgrimage Four Times

27. Four which Are Not Allowed In Four

28. If food has four characteristics it is complete

29. The four signs of bastards

30. God advised Moses on four issues

31. Imam Ali Had Four Characteristics Whenever He Went to a Battle

32. I Wonder Why Those who Fear Four Things Do Not Take Refuge in Four Things

33. God Accepted Ali’s Curse on Those who Did Not Testify to His Mastery

34. Four Sayings for Security In This World, and Four Saying for Security In the Hereafter

35. Four Characteristics Are Due to Obsession

36. Four Things Will Never Be Satiated with Four Others

37. Four Characteristics with which One Would Be in God’s Light

38. Possessing Four Characteristics Would Perfect One’s Islam

39. Four Words of Wisdom

40. Four Characteristics in Return for Four Houses in Paradise

41. Four Characteristics For whose Possessor the Honorable the Exalted God Would Establish A Home in Paradise

42. Abandoning Four Characteristics Would Lead You to Paradise

43. God shall look upon four on the Resurrection Day

44. The Shiites Will Never Suffer from Four Characteristics

45. God Would Protect Whomever Has Four Characteristics

46. The Honorable the Exalted God Chose Four of Everything

47. Four Characteristics which Cause Grief

48. Four characteristics will never vanish in Muhammad’s nation

49. The body is sustained on four things

50. Man’s Strength and Survival Depends On Four Things

51. four acts corrupt the heart and develop hypocrisy

52. The Prophet liked four tribes and disliked four tribes

53. Four acts will make the heart perish

54. The Earth Shall Never Be Void of Four Groups of Believers

55. Four Things with Which You Will Not Need Any Medication

56. Four Characteristics Not Attributed to a Believer

57. God Has Taken a Pledge from a Believer On Four Issues

58. The Four Problems that a Believer Always Faces

59. Four Instances with A Quick Chastisement

60. Four Things Either of Which Can Ruin a Home

61. Things Each of Which Are Based on Four Pillars

62. Najdat al-Haruri wrote to Ibn Abbas about four issues

63. White Hair Grows In Four Places

64. There Are Four Types of People

65. a Distance as short as Four Fingers Between Right and Wrong

66. The treasures of two orphans were four pieces of advice

67. Four People Whom You Should Not Greet

68. Four Things Cheer You Up

69. The Four Companions Most Loved By God

70. The Fire Will Be Forbidden For Four On the Resurrection Day

71. Four Things A Little of which Is A Lot

72. Use four things before four things happen

73. All the Knowledge of the People is in Four Areas

74. A servant has four eyes

75. The Four Noblest Characteristics

76. Four of the Traditions of the Prophets

77. The Prayers of Four Are Not Accepted

78. Four Things Will Happen When Four Things Spread

79. The four signs of misery

80. God summarized everything in four sayings for Adam

81. Admonishment against friendship with four people

82. Four will benefit from knowledge

83. Do Not Tax Four Things

84. Four causes to grant one the permission to return a slave within one year

85. The best four forms of wealth

86. There Are Four Types of Judges

87. A man has to pay for the expenses of four

88. The four Prophets who were kings on the Earth

89. Four kinds of medical treatment

90. Four things will moderate digestion

91. The Four Characteristics of Leeks

92. Four Signs of Blood Pressure

93. The Four Heavenly Rivers

94. Four Nicknames Admonished Against

95. The best and the worst four names

96. The forbiddance of using four things and four dishes

97. Four of the Characteristics of the Prophets

98. Four who Cannot Shorten Their Prayers

99. Do Not Shorten Prayers On Four Occasions Due to God’s Treasure

100. The four verses to prostrate after

101. One cannot move on the Resurrection Day until asked about four things

102. The Prophet was ordered to love four people

103. The first four to enter Paradise

104. The four characteristics of a hypocrite

105. The four kings of the Earth: two believers and two atheists

106. The Four Ways the Prophet’s Traditions Reach the People

107. Animals Can Recognize Four Things

108. God Created Horses from Four Things

109. The four winds

110. People Are in Four Groups

111. The Four Type of Sleeping

112. Satan Cried Out Four Times

113. Four things are vain to do

114. As-Sadiq Said that the Muslims Have Four Festive Days

115. Regarding God’s words to Abraham (MGB), ‘Take four birds. Tame them to turn to thee…’

116. The four characteristics despised by God

Part 5: On Five-Numbered Characteristics

1. The Heaviest Five Things On the Balance of Deeds

2. The Five Things God Ordered One of His Prophets to Do

3. The five characteristics of combing

4. The Five Signs of a Believer

5. Five things are impossible from five

6. Five As Fifty

7. The five words by which Adam repented

8. Five Things which Could Result in Vitiligocdlxiv

9. As-Sadiq (MGB): five things are as I say they are

10. Five traditions related to the head and five to the body

11. The Prophet: I Shall Not Abandon Five Things Until My Death

12. Five Things Are Bad Omens For A Traveler

13. The five who cried

14. The five major sins

15. God Appointed Muhammad (MGB) with Five Swords

16. The Five Conditions of Friendship

17. A believer rolls in five types of light

18. The five pillars upon which Islam is founded

19. The Five Names of Mecca

20. God made it incumbent upon His servants to pray five times

21. The five who made fun of God’s Prophet

22. There Are Five Takbirs In the Prayer Over the Dead

23. The Five Forms of Fear

24. Five characteristics which God and His Prophet love

25. Wealth Cannot Be Accumulated without Five Characteristics

26. The Reward of Performing the Hajj Pilgrimage Five Times

27. God will try five groups of people on the Resurrection Day

28. Eating five parts of sheep is disliked

29. One who Lacks Five Characteristics Shall Not Be Beneficial

30. The five instances for renewing one’s prayer

31. Satan Cannot Control Five

32. A business man must avoid five things

33. Five things will break one’s fast

34. Ali (MGB) said five things are especially for them

35. Five groups have a naughty nature

36. Five groups of people to avoid under all conditions

37. The Five Ranks of Knowledge

38. Five Jobs Are Undesirable

39. Five People Should Not Be Given Alms

40. A Congregation Is Not Formed with Less Than Five

41. There Are Five Heavenly Fruits in This World

42. The Prophet Has Admonished Against Five Things

43. No One Is Aware of Five Things

44. The Perfection of a Muslim’s Faith Can Be Recognized By Five Things

45. On what requires the one-fifth levy (Khums)

46. The Five Rivers which Gabriel Made Flow with His Feet

47. The Offering of a Cow Suffices For Five As Those of the Israelites whom God Ordered to Offer A Cow Were Five

48. The Prophet has been granted five things never granted to anyone before

49. God Granted Five Things to the Prophetand Five Things to Ali

50. Five things constitute being shy in front of God

51. God would accept the Prophet’s intercession for five persons

52. Paradise is Guaranteed for Five Things

53. The Prophet Would Be Assisted By Ali In Five Circumstances

54. Blessed Bedvii Those who Have Five Characteristics

55. The followers of Ja’far have all the following five characteristics

56. Five people cannot sleep

57. The Mill in Hell which Grinds Five Groups of People

58. Admonishing against killing five and ordering to kill five

59. The five cursed ones

60. Nothing is Better Than the Following Five On the Eid ul-Azha

61. No One Can Benefit from Those who Lack Five Characteristics

62. The Five Characteristics of a White Rooster

63. The Five whose Supplications Are Not Answered

64. The Five Prophets who Are the Owners of Shari’a

65. Five People’s Corpses Should Not Be Buried Until the Condition of Their Body Changes

66. The Five Blessed And The Five Cursed Mosques In Kufa

67. Praying In Five of the Mosques In Kufa is Admonished Against

68. Five Should Say the Complete Prayers while On A Journey

69. It Is Fine to See Five Parts of the Body of An Unfamiliar Woman

70. The Gates of the Heavens Open At Five Appointed Times

71. Paradise Is Eager For Five

72. One Can Divorce Women If They Are in the Following Conditions

73. The Five Signs of the Coming of the Riser (MGB)

74. There can be no oath of condemnationdxxiv between five types of women and their spouses

75. The sayings by which God tested Abraham (MGB)

76. Imam Ali (MGB) ordered his staff to do five things

77. Five things are due to our nature

78. The Five Great Nobilities of Imam Ali

79. A Judge Must Rule Based on what is Apparent in Five Circumstances

80. The five pioneers

81. The Five Traditions Practiced By Abdul Mutalib During the Age of Ignorance which God Established In Islam

82. Banquets Should Be Served Only In Five Situations

83. The Prophet asked his Lord for five things regarding Ali

84. The Five Characteristics of Fridays

85. Those Whom Should Not Be Married

86. The Best of the People are those who do Five Deeds

87. There Are Five Characteristics in Fair Speech

88. Five Things Granted to Muhammad’s Nation Exclusively

89. Five Who Flee from Five on the Resurrection Day

90. Five of the Prophets Who Spoke in Arabic

91. Five of the Most Wicked Creatures

Part 6: On Six-Numbered Characteristics

1. There Are Six Characteristics In This Nation

2. There Are Six Characteristics In Adultery

3. If You Do Six Things, You Would Be Admitted to Paradise

4. The six things doing which would end up into Paradise

5. The Six Prophets with Two Names

6. Six Things which Were Not In the Wombs of Their Mothers

7. Six characteristics beneficial for a believer after he dies

8. Six Things Are Written on the Gates of Paradise

9. Six forms of generosity

10. The Alms Is Divided Up Into Six Parts

11. Six things out of our control

12. God would punish six groups of people for six reasons

13. Six characteristics which a believer doesn’t have

14. You Should Not Greet Six People

15. I Wonder About Six Things

16. Admonished against killing six animals

17. Six characteristics considered to be undesirable for the Prophet (MGB), his Trustees, and his followers

18. The Easy Religion of Muhammad Has Six Characteristics

19. Six Tribes Are Not Modest

20. Hoarding Applies to Six Items

21. It Is Fine to Withdraw in Six Cases

22. Seek Refuge from Six Characteristics

23. Six Ill-Gotten Properties

24. Liking Six Things Cause Committing Sins in God’s Presence

25. The six rights of a quadruped incumbent upon its owner

26. You should not greet six; six who do not deserve to lead the prayer; and six deeds of the people of Lot

27. The Interpretation of the Letters Which Make Up the Alphabet

28. The Six Characteristics of An Insane One

29. Attentiveness Is Recommended at the Beginning of Six Prayers

30. Six Things of a Martyr Should Be Not Buried with Him

31. The People Are in Six Groups

32. Anyone Who Likes Someone Will Not Do Six Things to Him

33. God Sent Abraham a Ring On which Six Items Were Inscribed

34. God protects our followers from six characteristics

35. Imam Ali (MGB) superceded others in six

36. There are six whose prayers will not be answered

37. There are six who are damned

38. A Man’s Perfection Lies in Six Characteristics

39. The People Are In Six Groups

Part 7: On Seven-Numbered Characteristics

1. The Prophet Ordered Seven Things of Man to Be Buried

2. The Prophet Admonished Against Seven Things and Advised to Do Seven

3. Seven things from the sheep that are forbidden

4. The Seven Characteristics Granted to Ali (MGB)

5. The Prophet Said: ‘Blessed Be Those who Believe In Me without Having Seen Me’

6. Seven People Will Be in the Shade of God’s Throne on the Resurrection Day

7. There are seven characteristics in raisins

8. Seven Mountains were Moved from One Place to Another Place During the Time of Moses (MGB)

9. God’s Prophet (MGB) gave Abuzar seven pieces of advice

10. The belief of one who has seven characteristics is complete

11. God gives seven things to one who fasts in Ramazan

12. Seven People Shall Receive the Hardest Punishment On the Resurrection Day

13. The Opening Allahu Akbars (God is Great) Are Seven

14. Seven instances to recite Al-Ikhlas and Kafirun

15. A Wise Man Pursued Another Wise Man for Seven-Hundred Farsakhs For Seven Pieces of Advice

16. Seven Spoil Their Deeds

17. The Prostration on Seven Bones

18. The Prophet (MGB) Has Cursed Seven Groups

19. The Seven Rights of Believers Incumbent Upon Other Believers

20. An Atheist Eats with Seven Intestines

21. A believer is one who has seven characteristics

22. There are seven ranks for a believer

23. Seven Hearts would Not Taste the Sweetness of Belief

24. Seven groups of learned men shall go to Hell

25. Seven Creatures which God Created but Not Born of Their Mother’s Womb

26. God the Sublime has partitioned Islam into seven parts

27. God Has Granted His ProphetSeven Characteristics

28. The Offering of a Cow or a Camel is Accepted from Seven People

29. The Sun And the Moon Have Seven Layers

30. There are seven territories in the world

31. The Quran Was Revealed in Seven Letters

32. Since God Created the Earth, He Has Created Seven Groups of Learned Men

33. Nothing In the Heavens And the Earth Except Due To Seven Things

34. The Prophet Said Allahu Akbar Seven Times When Al-Najashi Died

35. God Would Send Seven Calamities upon the People if He Gets Angry at them and Doesn’t Destroy them

36. Love for the Prophet and his Household Is beneficial on seven occasions

37. what Has Been Passed On By the General Public Saying that the Earth Has Been Created for Seven

38. There Are Seven Gates for Hell

39. On the Resurrection Day Ali (MGB) Shall Evaluate the People Using Seven Characteristics

40. The seven sisters in Paradise

41. The seven major sins

42. God Will Test the Trustees of the Prophets On Seven Occasions in the Prophet’s Lifetime and Seven Times After his Death

43. On What Has Been Said About the Days of the Week

44. What Has Been Said About Sundays And Other Days After It

45. On What Has Been Said About Tuesdays

46. On what has been said about Wednesdays

47. On what has been said about Thursdays

48. On What Has Been Said About Fridays

49. On What Has Been Said About Saturdays

50. Do Not Be Hostile With the Days So That They Are Not Hostile With You

51. Adam and Eve Were in Paradise for Seven Hours

52. There Are Seven Characteristics In a Shiite

53. The Prophet Cursed Abu Sufyan On Seven Occasions

54. On the seven cases which are in Hell

55. Job suffered for seven years without having committed any sins

56. The seven groups of angels and the seven types of veils

57. Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib Prayed Seven Years Before Others

58. The Evil Ones Descend Upon Seven of the Boasters

59. Seven Characteristics God Granted to the Followers of Ali

60. One Said There Were Seven People Present when the Verse of Purification was Revealed

61. Seven Groups of People Should Not Shorten Their Prayers

62. Remembrance of God is entrusted to seven parts in the body

63. There are seven children for the Prophet of God (MGB)

Part 8: On Eight-Numbered Characteristics

1. A Believer Should Have Eight Characteristics

2. Eight Groups of People Whose Prayers Are Not Accepted

3. Eight Will Carry the Throne

4. Eight Pairs

5. The Eight Gate to Paradise

6. The Height of a Residential Unit Should Not Exceed Eight Zar’as

7. Eight who are not considered to be of the people

8. Those who go to the mosque often shall acquire one of eight characteristics

9. The eight classes of people who should blame no one but themselves if they are insulted

10. Guard the Mosques from the Following Eight Things

11. Faith consists of eight characteristics

12. The Eight Major Sins

13. The eight characteristics of Ali (MGB)

Part 9: On Nine-Numbered Characteristics

1. Nine characteristics which God granted His Prophet

2. God Granted the Followers of Ali Nine Characteristics

3. The Daughter of Muhammad (MGB) - Fatimah (MGB) - Has Nine Names Near God

4. God Has Given Nine Things to Imam Ali Which He Has Not Given to Anyone Other Than Muhammad

5. Ali (MGB) Has Been Granted Nine Characteristics

6. Nine Things Corrupt Nine

7. The Decrees for Nine Things Have Been Said for This Nation

8. Admonishment Against Doing Nine Things

9. A Sinner Is Given Nine Hours

10. Nine Divine Leaders from the Progeny of Al-Hussein

11. The Prophet had nine wives when he died

12. The Nine Things Said By the Commander of the Faithful

13. A Woman Reaches Puberty at Nine

14. One Who Divorced for Nine Times Can Never Be Re-married

15. Alms-tax On Nine Things

16. Nine Do Not Have to Say the Friday Prayers

17. Nine Things Cause Forgetfulness

18. The nine miracles God granted to Moses

19. When the Riser (MGB) Imam appears, nine tribes will join him

Part 10: On Ten-Numbered Characteristics

1. The Ten Names of the Prophet (MGB)

2. Ten Cases of Going to House Doors

3. God has reinforced the intellect with ten things

4. Ten of the Especial Characteristics of A Divine Leader (Imam)

5. Ten Characteristics of Ali from God’s Prophet (MGB)

6. Glad Tidings of Ten Characteristics For Ali’s Followers

7. Ten Characteristics Due to Nobility

8. The Hour shall not come until ten signs appear

9. God has put ten characteristics together in the Prophet and the members of the Holy Household

10. Anyone Who Meets God While Having Ten Characteristics Shall Go to Paradise

11. A Believer without Ten Characteristics Is Not Intelligent

12. Ten parts of sheep not to eat

13. Ten Clean Parts of a Dead Corpse

14. Ten People Should Not Expect Much

15. Ten Places Not to Pray

16. Ten who Shall Not Enter Paradise

17. One’s safety lies in ten things

18. Ten Who Put Themselves Through Hardships

19. There Are Ten Ranks of Abstinence

20. Ten of your female slaves are forbidden to sleep with

21. There Are Ten Parts in Lust

22. There Are Ten Parts In Shame

23. Separate the Beds of Boys from Girls When They are Ten

24. Women Have the Patience of Ten Men

25. Ten Things Each of Which Is Harder Than the Other

26. Eat Melons Since They Have Ten Characteristics

27. There Is Pleasure In Ten Things

28. The Ten Types of Prayers

29. The Ten Characteristics of Shiites

30. The Prophet Cursed Ten People In Relation with Wine

31. The Reward of One Who Fasts For Ten Consecutive Years During the Month of Ramazan

32. The Reward of One Who Goes On Pilgrimage Ten Times

33. The ten parts of blessedness

34. The ten signs before the Hour

35. Islam is founded upon ten pillars

36. The Ten Ranks of Belief

37. The Reward of One Who Says the Azan for Ten Years for God’s Sake

38. The Ten Signs of the Hour

39. The Prophet Circumambulated Around the Ka’ba Seventy Times Each Day

40. A Man Who Makes Love to a Woman Ten Times On One of the Days of the Month of Fasting

41. Ten Pieces of Advice

42. Ten Groups of This Nation Disbelieve In the Almighty God

43. The Divinatory Arrows which the People In the Age of Ignorance Had Divided Into Ten Parts

44. What Each Muslim Should Say Before the Rising of the Sun and Before Its Setting

45. The ten sons of Abdul Mutalib and Abbas

Part 11: On Eleven-Numbered Characteristics

1. Names of the Eleven Stars Which Joseph Saw Prostrating to Him

2. The Eleven Names of Zamzam

Part 12: On Twelve-Numbered Characteristics

1. On from one to twelve characteristics

2. The Way to Recognize the Noon In Each of the Twelve Months By Means of Man’s Shadow

3. The Twelve Persons Who Opposed the Rule of Abu Bakr Before Ali Ibn Abi Talib (MGB)

4. God Brought About Twelve Clans from the Children of Israel and Twelve Clans from Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein

5. The Twelve Caliphs and Divine Leaders after the Prophet

6. There Are Twelve Attributes In Brushing the Teeth

7. The Twelve Veils

8. The Twelve Signs of the Pious

9. The Prophet (MGB) took twelve steps to welcome Ja’far ibn Abi Talib upon his return from Ethiopia

10. Twelve People In the Coffin In the Lowermost Level of Hell

11. The Twelve Characteristics for Dining at a Table

12. There Are Twelve Months

13. Twelve Hours In Each Day And Twelve Hours In Each Night

14. The twelve stars, the twelve deserts, the twelve seas, and the twelve worlds

15. The twelve Dirhams donated to the Prophet (MGB)

16. The twelve chiefs

Part 13: On Thirteen-Numbered Characteristics

1. The Thirteen Transmuted Groups

2. Boys Attain Puberty at Thirteen

3. Thirteen Nobilities of the Commander of the Faithful Ali

Part 14: On Fourteen-Numbered Characteristics

1. The fourteen characteristics of dye

2. Perform Major Ablutions in Fourteen Circumstances

Part 15: On Fifteen-Numbered Characteristics

1. Calamities will come if the people do fifteen things

2. A Child Should Be Instructed to Fast When He Is Fifteen or Sixteen

3. Saying Takbirs in Mina After Fifteen Units of Prayers on the Days of Al-

4. The Rewards of Fasting in the Month of Rajab

5. Applying depilatory once every fifteen days

Part 16: On Sixteen-Numbered Characteristics

1. The Sixteen Rights of a Scholar

2. Sixteen Characteristics Cause Poverty and Sixteen Characteristics Cause an Increased Share of Daily Bread

3. Sixteen Characteristics Due to Wisdom

4. Sixteen Groups from the Nation of Muhammad (MGB) Who Do Not Love the Members of the Holy Household but Despise Them and Have Animosity towards Them

Part 17: On Seventeen-Numbered Characteristics

1. One Should Make Ghusl for Seventeen Occasions

Part 18: On Eighteen-Numbered Characteristics

1. The Eighteen Characteristics of the Commander of the Faithful Ali (MGB)

2. God Considers Eighteen-Year Olds Blameworthy

Part 19: On Nineteen-Numbered Characteristics

1. Nineteen Words with Which Any Prayers Would Be Accepted

2. Nineteen Orders Issued for Women

3. Nineteen Questions that As-Sadiq (MGB) Asked the Indian Doctor in Mansoor’s Presence

Part 20: On Twenty and Above-Numbered Characteristics

1. Twenty Characteristics in Love for the Holy Household

2. Twenty Characteristics of One who Believes in God

3. The Reward for Performing Hajj Pilgrimage Twenty Times

4. Twenty-Three Praiseworthy Characteristics of As-Sajjad

5. What Has Come About the 21st and 23rd Nights of Ramazan

6. Congregational Prayers Are Twenty-Five Ranks Higher than Individual Prayers

7. There Are Twenty-Nine Characteristics In Prayers

8. Knowledge Has Twenty-Nine Characteristics

9. What Abuzar Asked the Prophet of God

Part 21: On Thirty and Above-Numbered Characteristics

1. The Thirty Signs of a Divine Leader

2. The thirty four women marrying whom is forbidden

3. God Has Made Thirty-Five Prayers Incumbent Upon the People from One Friday to the Next

Part 22: On Forty And above-Numbered Characteristics

1. The Prayer of the Drunken Is Not Accepted for Forty Days

2. The Forty Types of Fasting

3. praying for forty brethren before praying for oneself

4. One to Whose Goodness Forty Believing Men Testify

5. Admonishment Against Not Shaving the Pubic Hair for More than Forty Days

6. The Earth Would Become Filthy for Forty Days Due to the Urination of One Who Is Not Circumcised

7. On One who Takes A Female Slave and Doesn’t Have Sexual Intercourse with Her Once Every Forty Days as a Result of which She Commits A Forbidden Act

8. Blood-Money for A Hunting Dog

9. God granted a forty year respite to Pharaoh between two words (blasphemous sentences)

10. A Form of Repentance By which Forty Major Sins Are Forgiven

11. When the Riser (MGB) Comes Each Shiite Would Be Granted the Strength of Forty Men By God

12. Regarding Anyone who Remembers Forty Traditions

13. The Neighborhood of a Mosque and its Precincts Are Forty Ells and Forty Houses In Each Direction

14. On Those who Live for Forty Years or More

15. The Reasoning of Imam Ali with Abu Bakr Citing Forty-Three Issues

16. Imam Ali’s Arguments against the People on the Consultation Day

Part 23: On Fifty And above-Numbered Characteristics

1. The Fifty Rights which the Master of the Worshippers Ali Ibn Al-Hussein (MGB) Wrote to Some of His Companions

2. Fifty Characteristics of True Believers

3. The Reward of Whoever Goes On Hajj Pilgrimage Fifty Times

Part 24: On Seventy and Above-Numbered Characteristics

1. Imam Ali Has Seventy Characteristics which None Have

2. The Reward of One who Implores Forgiveness Seventy Times in the Qunut of Al-Witr Prayer

3. The Reward of Whoever Asks for God’s Forgiveness Seventy Times After the Dawn Prayer

4. The Reward of Whoever Asks Forgiveness from the Exalted God Seventy Times On Each Day of the Month of Sha’ban

5. The Seventy Long Narrow Piece of the Flag of Praise (Liwa ul-Hamd)

6. The Seventy Parts of Usury

7. The servant who stays in the Fire for seventy lifetimes

8. The Nation Will Divide Up Into Seventy-Two Sects

9. The Nation Will Divide Up Into Seventy-Three Sects

10. Seventy-Three Decrees Regarding Women Differing from Those for Men

11. God granted the intellect seventy-five troops and granted ignorance seventy-five troops

Part 25: On Eighty and Above-Numbered Characteristics

1. Eighty Verses of the Quran Were Revealed Regarding Imam Ali And No One Else

2. There Are Ninety-Five Takbirs In the Five Daily Prayers

3. The Ninety-Nine Names for the Blessed the Sublime God

4. The Reward for Saying There is no God but Allah and Asking His Forgiveness One-Hundred Times

Part 26: On from One to One-Hundred Numbered Characteristics

1. The Questions of the Jew from Imam Ali

2. The Prophet (MGB) Ascended to the Heavens One-Hundred and Twenty Times

3. One-Hundred and Twenty Kinds of Fruits

4. The People of Heaven Are One-hundred and Twenty Groups

5. Anyone who Memorizes The Quran Entirely Receives Two-hundred Dinars from the Treasury

6. There Are Three-Hundred and Sixty Days in a Year

7. Circumambulating Three-hundred and Sixty Times

8. Some of the characteristics of Religious Decrees

9. Menstruation is Ten Days Maximum and Three Minimum

Part 27: On Four-Hundred-Numbered Characteristics

1. In One Meeting, Imam Ali Taught Four-hundred Things Each of Which is Very Useful for a Muslim’s Life and Religion

Part 28: On More than One-Thousand Numbered Characteristics

1. Four-Thousand Gates to Prayer

2. What Was Written at the Base of God’s Throne Seven-Thousand Years before the Creation of Adam (MGB)

3. God Has Twelve Thousand Worlds

4. There Were Twelve Thousand Companions of The Prophet

5. A Light Near God Four Thousand Years before the Creation of Adam

6. A Writing in between the Angel Mahmood’s Two Shoulders Twenty-Two Thousand Years before the Creation of Adam

7. God Has Created One-Hundred Twenty-Four Thousand Prophets and One-Hundred Twenty-Four Thousand Trustees

8. God Addressed Moses with One-Hundred Twenty-Four Thousand Words

9. God Has Created One Million Worlds and One Million Breed of Humans